Here it is – my little corner of the world. A place to vent, inspire and encourage others who may be struggling. Take a look around and join me on this journey.



I always struggle with the About Me section. I think that it is so awkward to try and explain the best parts of yourself in a couple of paragraphs… It can read as a fake attempt at getting people to fall in love with you and I want to be as authentic as possible. So, I’ll try to let my sparkle pull you in.

My name is Ashley, I am a 26 year old mother of two dogs and a wife to an amazing man named Evan. We currently live in Hawaii as he is stationed here in the Army. I have a twin sister that I’m very close to. I am an aunt to 11 beautiful children that mean the world to me. I have a BA in Psychology and am pursuing Substance Abuse Counseling. And the reason for this lovely blog? I suffer from chronic pain and depression that has completely taken over my 20’s.

I know I know, after all that, the only thing you are thinking is: “She lives in hawaii?!?!?!” Yep, I sure do. Yes, It’s beautiful. And yes, it is very possible to live in this beautiful place and still be depressed. If the landscape could cure me, I would stay forever.

So here we go… I injured my back in a basketball game when I was 13. My parents thought I was exaggerating (thanks guys) and I never got treatment other than random chiropractic visits. Because I was so young, my spine grew wrong and has deteriorated ever since. I have 3 degenerating and bulged discs in my lower spine. Because of this, my hips are off balance and I had a labral tear in my hip. I had surgery on it in August of 2015. Yes, I had hip surgery at 26 years old. My life now is a regimen of strong pain killers and lots of attempts at trying to live a healthy and functional life.

Depression is something that has been a part of my life since I was 19. I think that it was always there under the surface, but it didn’t consume me until I was 19. I was miserable and have been in an uphill battle with it throughout my young life.

This blog is something I have been thinking about for years. I want to express myself, learn, meet new people, help others that are going through this, and most importantly, I want to prove to myself that I can do this. My posts will be filled with honesty, openness, sarcasm, and several topics pertaining to chronic pain, depression, and my life. Please join me on this path and give me a chance.

Now that I have pulled you in with my dazzling words, please, stay a while.


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